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Welcome to the 4th edition of Flanagan Music Online.

August 1, 2018

April, 2020

Dearest Wonderful Churches, Pastors and Special Friends:

There are no words we can express to say "Thank you so very much for the faithful support, thoughts and prayers for us over the past many years! We love you all very much and appreciate your faithfulness all through this time. Some even for the full fifty years of Flanagan Music Ministry. Your Gifts of Love have always been straight from the Lord through you all and always came at just exactly the right time. Many times whenever we have been under trials some of you sent above and beyond our needs. You are loved by us immensely!

We truly pray you all have a wonderful 2020, with bountiful crops and spiritual blessings, and that many souls will be saved and blessed through your church ministries. We miss you all desperately and would love to continue travelling and witnessing for our Lord, but John's health will just not allow us to travel. Tell everyone we said "Hello" and "Thank You" from the depths for our hearts. You will forever be in our prayers!

God bless you all so very much for your sacrifices and thank you again.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers for Our Lord's help in completing a Songbook of Flanagan Songs. Also pray that He will give me the knowledge to publish the Book and also my lessons for ladies entitled "Nelda's Notes, Insight into Scripture"! My memory is beginning to slow down. We need Holy Spirit guidance and power in all aspects of this continued ministry. This goes out with all our

Love and Prayers,

The Flanagans,
Johnny and Nelda